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Tegra has provided smart, customized, affordable solutions to life science companies for over 18 years. Whether you are preparing for a sales force re-deployment, pressure testing an incentive compensation plan, or rolling out a new targeting strategy, Tegra can help.

What makes us different? At Tegra, we have built our business around 4 principles:

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Tegra has experience developing numerous types of IC plans that are straight-forward, fair and defensible. Some common examples include commission based, stacked rank, quota based, tiered, baseline over growth, grids, and tables. Our IC plans are designed to align with management objectives, motivate field performance, and produce payouts that are accurate, reproducible, and timely.

Incentive Compensation Design    Governance Framework


Tegra has the capabilities to create, align and deploy a sales force at the ZIP code level. Using multiple data sources, we develop index models to optimize and balance the field at the regional, district, and territory levels.

Tegra also specializes in targeting and segmentation for life science companies. Our methods utilize available data sources, field intel, and management directives to produce clearly defined, focused targets for your field sales team.

Sales Force Sizing, Alignment, and Deployment    Sizing Case Study    Optimization Case Study


Tegra designs, supports, and runs customized analytical and statistical reports for our customers. We produce:

  • Field sales reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually at national, regional, district, and territory levels)
  • Management level dashboards
  • IC reporting
  • Ranking reports
  • Distributor tracings reports
  • Payroll summaries
  • iOS/Web based reporting
  • MSL metrics reporting

Give Tegra a call and let us show you a better way to view and understand your data.


Tegra develops custom tools for the iPad, laptop, or mobile phone to enhance the performance and efficiency of your field sales team. Whether on or off the road, your team can have real time data from the cloud!

Here are few examples of our work that are ready for your use. Please give us a call to set up a demonstration.

  • Microsoft Power BI - Supplement or replace Excel reports with intuitive and interactive data visualizations within Microsoft's Cloud based Power BI. Extend your data models into Microsoft's secure and low-cost reporting service with stunning dashboards in Power BI.
  • Targeting tool - Remove the hassle from your target management process. This tool streamlines the physician (or account) “add/ delete” process for your team by tracking changes, providing process boundaries, and improving team communication.
  • iOS field sales reporting app - An affordable reporting application that allows quick visibility into your team’s numbers. This tool provides individual log-ins; instantly identifies top and bottom performers; visualizes data for the reps; captures demographic, targeting, and activity information; and allows management to dictate and enforce team strategy.
  • IC Calculators - You can Manage and maintain multiple incentive compensation goals and awards all on your mobile device.

Mobile BI Power BI Certification


Tegra provides a systematic, analytical approach to the sales force calibration process. Our goals are improved outcomes and time savings for your team. Tegra’s offerings are customized to suit the needs of your group.

Performance Calibration


Tegra is built on data analysis. We are experts at analyzing large data sets to determine correlation, trends, or business opportunities. “Data Analysis” may take many forms:

  • Performing correlation analyses on diagnosis data. The correlation plot above is a visual display of the strength of the correlation between variable combinations.
  • Pressure testing internal analyses and validating current assumptions.
  • Assessing the potential of high value physicians while considering factors such as competitive product entries, market growth, and managed care landscape.

Predictive Analytics


Vast amounts of data combined with advancements in computer processing allow Tegra to exploit computational efficiencies on hundreds of statistical models across thousands of variables and millions of records. The result is data mining – the practice of discovering patterns and trends that go beyond simple analyses to make better decisions.

Data Mining


Tegra works with the physicians, administrators, sponsors, and the FDA to help design the statistical components of the protocol and the statistical analysis plan. We also monitor the data collection during the trial and perform the analyses after the trial to deliver a thorough FDA submission.

Clinical Trial Solutions


Tegra performs statistical analyses to forecast sales. Accurate forecasting will lead to better IC plans, proper targeting, and more effective alignments. Forecasts can range in complexity from a simple growth model to a monte carlo model simulating outcomes 10,000x to evaluate best case, middle case, and worst case scenarios.


Tegra is often tasked with Master Data Management that includes maintaining a Customer Master, integrating disparate data feeds, and organizing all data sources into a master data environment designed for power, speed, and scalability. We integrate data sources such as DDD (Hospital, Clinic, LTC, Retail), DMD (Network Affiliations, multiple doctors), Xponent (TRx, NRx, RRx), Xponent PlanTrak (Payer Adjustments), Patient Claims Data, Specialty Pharmacy, 867, 852, and Symphony data. Whether it involves building a new database, applying new business rules, or cleaning up an existing process, Tegra can help.

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